Industry PhD Scholarships


APPLY TODAY: Current opportunities for scholarships are listed in the Advertised Projects below.

RACE for 2030 is advertising scholarships for Industry PhD projects. More information on our Industry PhD program can be found here.

The Industry PhD Program is engaging industry and universities to train the future workforce through practical, demand driven research projects. Industry partners, in conjunction with academia, provide the Industry PhD research agenda based on their societal knowledge of pressing needs and issues.

RACE for 2030 will fully fund 55 industry PhD candidates to be completed between now and 2030 within the four RACE research programs:

  • RACE for Business
  • RACE for Homes
  • RACE for Networks
  • RACE for Everyone

RACE for 2030 will provide three years of funding at $38,000 per annum (tax exempt) to the candidates via a scholarship to the host University. The current project opportunities you can apply for are listed below.