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Why RACE for 2030

We are an industry led collaborative research centre established in 2020 with $68.5M of Commonwealth funding.

What we do

RACE has four programs comprising 17 research themes. The four research programs are: RACE for Business, RACE for Homes, RACE for Networks and RACE for Everyone

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74 per cent of Norway’s new cars are electric. Australia? Just 0.7 percent.
July 4, 2022

Buying and running electric vehicles for business fleets is too costly under Aussie tax rules, say researchers from Griffith University and Monash University.Their report, published today by the RACE for 2030 Cooperative Research Centre, proposes practical tax changes to support home charging and allow fleet managers to quickly adopt battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

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Renweable energy
RACE for Networks Summit
June 20, 2022
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Briefing: Business fleets and EVs report
June 10, 2022

RACE for 2030 briefing: Business Fleets and EVs Join RACE for 2030 and our partners for a discussion about our recently released report “Business Fleets and EVs: Taxation Changes to support home charging from the grid” Hear from some of the contributors, what the report is about, its significance, the impacts and what the future […]

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Riding the ‘Green Wave’
May 9, 2022
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Government commits to Australian Energy Employment Report
March 14, 2022

Clean energy is a multi-billion-dollar sector that employs hundreds of thousands of Australians. However, the jobs across the whole energy sector including renewable energy and energy efficiency have never been systemically counted. Australia is to adopt the United States’ gold standard of measuring energy sector jobs with the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science, Energy and […]

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RACE sponsors ClimateLaunchPad
February 24, 2022

World’s biggest cleantech pre-accelerator eyes breakthrough Australian research For the second year running, RACE for 2030 will be sponsoring Climate-KIC Australia’s ClimateLaunchPad program. ClimateLaunchpad is the world’s largest and most successful preaccelerator program for climate start-ups. Its mission is to unlock the global potential for cleantech to address climate change and help to fast track […]

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