Our impact

Early-stage analysis of our programs led us to set impact targets of $3.9B and $8.8B in cumulative energy savings by 2030-31 and 2034-35 respectively. We are also committed to reducing the emissions by at least a cumulative 20 Mt CO2e by 2034-35. Our other long-term objectives include increasing energy productivity and reliability and creating more clean energy jobs. We are also developing industry-focused educational and training initiatives like an industry PhD program and a carbon manager program to build cross-sectoral capacity and capability. Our work in taking clean and affordable energy innovation to market is also underway with our market transformation and commercialisation activities. These together recognise that the full potential of RACE for 2030’s work will be realised well beyond 2030.

As a research organisation focused on affordable clean energy, the work undertaken by RACE for 2030 will play a significant role in achieving Australia’s target of reducing GHG emissions by 26–28% below 2005 levels by 2030 (under the Paris agreement). RACE for 2030 sees itself as a crucial enabler for achieving these clean energy targets for Australia. With a customer-focused research outlook, we aim to make a positive real-world impact on Australian businesses and people’s livelihoods.

The purpose of this document is to communicate to our partners and stakeholders our strong focus on making an impact and how we will deliver it through our programs. This document will be a living document to be reviewed and updated from time to time. The impact from the research will be delivered by a “path to impact” for every project, connecting research outputs with outcomes corresponding our impact goals reflecting end-user priorities. Planning and project development facilitates stakeholder opportunities, communication priorities and translation from research to those who use it. The process of estimating impact, guided by the Commonwealth Government’s impact principles, is also reflected in this impact framework. This provides a basis for designing projects and will guide activities to be delivered by RACE for 2030.