“The Energy Efficiency Council is thrilled to be partnering with RACE for 2030 and its many industry and research partners as we work towards putting supply and demand on an equal footing to deliver least cost solutions to Australian households and businesses.”
– Holly Taylor, The Energy Efficiency Council


Becoming a RACE partner

RACE partners are part of an exclusive group of innovative organisations that are leading the creation of an affordable, clean energy future. The number of partners in RACE at any given time is limited by the funding model and our agreement with the Commonwealth. RACE partner benefits include:

  • Leading the research effort with like-minded organisations to improve, not only their operations, but to be part of solving Australia’s decarbonisation challenge
  • The power of collaboration to solve large and complex problems
  • Leveraging your investment with partner and Commonwealth funding
  • Access to some of the world’s leading energy and social researchers in Australia and internationally
  • Network with potential customers as well as promote your products and services 
  • Sharing the costs of promoting your innovative products and services
  • Independent monitoring, verification and promotion of your research outcomes
  • Utilisation of R&D tax credits.

Industry Partners

Our partners come from across the energy supply chain and include:

  • Large energy users
  • Technology businesses who provide products and services for businesses and households, both large and start-ups, and every stage in between
  • Australian and international universities and research institutes
  • Energy retailers and networks
  • Industry associations
  • Investors
  • State governments

Research Partners

For all partner enquiries please contact
Mark Squires at
or Annie Carapetian at