DSO and Beyond: Optimising planning and regulation for DM & DER

Purpose of project

This project will fill knowledge gaps and build capability for local councils, communities, industry and network providers to establish Urban Renewable Energy Zones (Urban REZ), through private finance. It will analyse the barriers, opportunities and impacts of Urban REZ, to develop a blueprint which will provide a pathway for demonstration and replication

Impact of project

The long-term goal of this research is to enable the development of 50 (or more) Urban REZ over the next five-ten years, leading to expected environmental, economic and societal benefits. The research will enhance understanding of the opportunities of Urban REZ, to inform urban planning, policy, investment and market opportunities.

Project partners – industry and research

Climate-KIC, AusGrid, AGL, Starling Energy Group, PlanetArk Power, Development WA, UTS, Curtin University, DPIE, DELWP, Western Power, Central Queensland University

Completion date

April 2022