Flexible demand and demand control technology and development

Purpose of project

This Opportunity Assessment project will identify sources of flexible demand in Australia and evaluate the opportunity to unlock demand side participation benefits in wholesale, retail and network components of the electricity system.  The assessment will identify barriers to adoption and research opportunities that could deliver solutions for encouraging greater participation from energy-users.

Impact of project

If projects prioritised under this opportunity assessments are successful, substantial energy and emissons savings are expected. For instance, if flexible demand is unlocked in constrained areas of a network, savings of 15% of the demand charges is likely to possible. The total potential business benefit is expected to be $360M/year. RACE for 2030 could feasibly unlock this for 20% of business sites through its projects under the B4 research theme.

Project partners – industry and research

CSIRO, EEC, A2EP, Ausgrid, Enzen, Flow Power, FOHAT, GreenSync, DPIE, Powerlink, Sydney Water, DELWP (VIC), NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment, Australian Food Systems, AGL, RMIT, Monash, QUT, UTS

Industry Reference Group members

GreenSync, Powerlink, Ausgrid, Flowpower, Fohat, DELWP, Sydney Water, Enzen, QUT, Monash, Dept. of Environment, AGL, RMIT, A2EP, UTS, EEC, CSIRO