RACE for Homes

Developing and applying new energy technologies and solutions for residential consumers.

Current Projects

Program Leader: David Hill David.Hill@racefor2030.com.au

Purpose of project

This Opportunity Assessment project looks to maximise the net benefits of rooftop solar for electricity consumers and the electricity grid by better matching the timing of active heating and cooling of homes to the output of rooftop solar, and to times of supply surplus and constraint


Impact of project

Expedite the participation of residential buildings in Australia in smart heating/cooling control to reduce electricity supply and consumer costs.


Project partners – industry and research

CSIRO, Zeppelin Bend, Powerlink, EEC, AIRAH, AREMA, Sunnovate, UTS, UNSW, UniSA, QUT


IRG members

EEC, AIRAH, AREMA, Powerlink, Sunovate, Seeley International, ZepBen, DPIE, Economic Development QLD, ASBEC, DISER, QUT, UTS, UniSA, CSIRO, UNSW