Improving energy productivity through the electrification of cold chain logistics

Phase 1: Concept development

Purpose of project

The project aim is to develop a concept design for a eutectic refrigeration system suitable for use in both diesel and electric light to medium refrigerated transport vehicles. This on-board eutectic refrigeration system, employing phase change materials (PCM), is electrically charged by a vapour compression refrigeration system when the vehicle is stationary. This reduces the load placed on the battery system when the vehicle is mobile. The project will improve the energy productivity of cold chain logistics by reducing diesel fuel consumption and energy costs, while improving temperature control with more efficient refrigeration. The use of advanced temperature monitoring and airflow control will ensure the system maintains a stable temperature efficiently, thus reducing food spoilage and waste.

Impact of project

The project will contribute to three key impact areas for the CRC – increasing energy efficiency and productivity of cold chain logistics, reducing carbon emissions, and contributing to increased employment.

Project partners – industry and research

UniSA, Aldom, DEM, Simble

Completion date

May 2022