Onsite anaerobic digestion for power generation and natural gas/diesel displacement

Purpose of project

This Opportunity Assessment will produce a research roadmap to identify the most impactful activities that RACE for 2030 CRC could fund under the B5 research theme over the next two-, five-, and ten years. The shorter timeframe is to explicitly identify projects for direct implementation (i.e. into research activities), while the longer timeframe is to provide a higher-level vision and strategy for potential research priorities. The research roadmap will be developed through deep partner engagement, including through an Industry Reference Group that will be established for this opportunity assessment.

    Impact of project

    This research theme will define opportunities for sustainable biogas to support multiple objectives of RACE for 2030. In particular, this research theme could seek to achieve impacts by 2030 in the order of:

    • ~$125m/year in energy savings, by catalysing biogas projects that use agricultural and food waste feedstocks (based on ARENA analysis);
    • Reducing methane emissions in industries such as waste management and agriculture, at a similar scale to the current biogas deployment in the United States (US), where methane emission reductions are approximately equivalent to <11 million passenger vehicles (EESI, 2017);
    • Avoiding up to 1.4 million tonnes of CO2-e emissions each year, assuming the CEFC’s (2021) identified opportunity for diversion of organics to anaerobic digestion is fully realised; and
    • >7000 new jobs, assuming approximately three jobs are generated per biogas plant and Australia establishes an additional 2,420 plants (extrapolated from ENEA’s 2019 figure of US jobs in biogas).

    Project partners – industry and research

    Sydney Water, DPE, AMPC, Queensland Farmers Federation, Climate-KIC, A2EP, Singh Farming, DELWP, Griffith University, UTS,

    Industry Reference Group members

    Sydney Water, AMPC, Singh Farming, DPIE, DELWP, Queensland Farmers Federation, AgVIC, ARENA, DPI, Corporate Carbon, Bioenergy Australia, EDL, Clean Cowra, Helmont Energy Pty Ltd, AGL, CEFC, APA, Gaia Envirotech, Jemena, Veolia, Emissions Reduction Fund, Clean Energy Regulator, ENEA